Words love her. Audiences love her. Clients love her.

It’s easy to go on and on about Kendra’s consummate awesomeness, but why not hear it straight from her clients?

“I’ve been working with Kendra for over six years, and she is an amazingly talented voice pro who turns around voice recordings quickly and with great quality. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing voice to represent their company, brand or service.”
Eric Guerin, Adelie Studios

“Kendra is our favorite VO actress. She gets the roles with little or no guiding, and makes them very interesting to listen to. She’s easy to work with and we always get fantastic results.”
Milos Nikolic, Game Developer, Mad Head Games

“Kendra is fast, accurate and reliable. Big words and complicated medical terms don’t scare her. And when she tells you it will be done, it will be done — correctly and on time.”
Todd Ellis, Owner, Plain Brown Wrapper Productions

“What makes Kendra different from other VO talent is the ease in working with her — like you are totally taken care of and she has it all under control. Her understanding of people and human nature makes her very easy to work with, and her warmth and sunshine are reflected in both her attitude and her voice.”
Alyson Steel, VO actor

“Kendra is very professional and forward-thinking, yet even keel and unassuming. She actually listens to you and absorbs the information. She’s enjoyable to be around and very open to taking direction.”
Andre Bergeron, Babble-On Studios

“So often in a video production, laying in the voice over is the last element. Whenever I am working with Kendra’s voice tracks, it seems like everything about a video is improved when her voice is added to it. The emotion, the power, the quietness, or whatever impact we are trying to make. Everything is enhanced with Kendra’s reads underneath it.”
Dale Bluestein, Owner, PartnershipMEDIA

“I read my own work to the point of narcissistic distraction, but I still prefer to listen to Kendra read it.”
Peter Welch, Author, StillDrinking.org

“Kendra has such an amazing ability to fill the room with calm. Her professional, yet totally approachable nature sets positive the tone that producers dream about. Solid takes at the top…allowing for creative exploration throughout the rest of the session!”
Scott Burns: Senior Audio Producer, Destination Marketing

“Kendra is consistent, reliable, honest, creative, smart, and technically savvy. She understands what we need, and can instantly adapt to the slight differences and nuance of each project.”
Executive VP, insurance company

“Kendra does her job quickly, effectively and brilliantly. She’s grounded and completely reliable. Her voice is reassuring, while still carrying authority and conviction. She is one of our most popular female talents.”
Agent, talent agency